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Gas Engineer
Renewable Energy Engineer (Green Engineer)
Professional Welder
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* Minimum age requirement is 17 years.
* Courses from as little as £15/wk.
The Professional Electrician Course
It's no wonder that the country is in need of qualified electricians. For decades the traditional apprenticeship route has failed to meet the demand. Fewer and fewer British youngsters are prepared to work for low wages on an apprentice scheme. For older would-be electricians, it's even harder, who could afford to survive on the apprentice's pay packet?

At last, these issues have been addressed by introducing the most comprehensive and varied way of combining existing work commitments while studying for industry recognised electrician qualifications
Combine three unique ways to learn:
  1. Study at home coursework and regular written assignments
  2. Home based PC based e-learning, studying real life scenarios in a virtual reality house
  3. Practical study, in fully equipped workshops.
*Course not available in Scotland.